Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Questions to think before accepting the offer

For interviews, the essential question is "will I be recruited?" Let's say if the Recruiter hands you an offer....isn't that simply exciting?

Hang on first...sometimes it's good to take a step back to evaluate your options as you hope that your expectations are closely aligned to the organization.

Assume this is the final round with all circumstances, personal factors and opportunities remain equal, you might be asking these pointers below.

Objective is to find out an excellent fit (of over 90%) between the company and you.

1) Have you negotiated the salary package that could fit into your needs? Or do you depend on the Recruiter's proposed fee only?


2) Can you visualize the job scope? (i.e. what you will do, the type of work)


3) Does the company tell you vague answers on your future with them?


4) The company promises you certain things in return that sounds too good to be true?


5) You make many baseless assumptions on your end without proper questioning and verification from the Recruiter?


6) Is the interview conducted in a professional and ethical manner?


7) The Recruiter forthcoming in their answers to you?


8) Have you understood your contribution (skills/abilities) to the job?


9) Do you know the "negatives" of the job position?


10) Has the Recruiter shown enough respect to you (as an interviewing candidate)? For example, you have waited 1.5 hours for him/her without valid reasons


There can be more but I think the above is justifiable for you to make better informed decision. The key thing is, out of the 10 pointers, which is the most important to you?

And what are the second and third considerations?

If you have managed them well, you could be excited and eagerly looking forward to the new position, realizing that you have analyzed some of the potential pitfalls.

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