Saturday, April 9, 2011

Growing industry trends in Singapore

Interesting trends to look out for on the growing industries in Singapore:

(a) Green technology
(b) Media - film & television
(c) Design, games & animation
(d) Medical sectors - nurses, niche-based medical field & research
(e) Hospitality - launch of IR (Integrated Resorts) boosting tourism receipts
(f) Luxury - retail, wines & spirits, travel, accessories etc.

What does it means?

Job opportunities in the near future. Keep a close eye on the companies that has businesses in these sectors.

For instance, Pernod Ricard belongs to (f) - there is a Singapore office. Banyan Tree, a leading luxury travel operator falls under (e)

For (b) & (c), our local government is attracting large international companies to set their base here. An example is LucasFilm. Recently, we have our own local talent being selected to work on an animation movie project called "Rango".

For (f), we may be geared towards a growing regional luxury goods hub with foreigners coming to spend $$$$$ in Singapore. The items include fine wines and champagne, luxury handbags, accessories, pens and clothes. The main bulk of spending comes from China.

So there you go! Identify what is the next emerging industry trend and co-relate your potential to better advancement. But please do your ground work first.

Be warned! Do not follow the trends blindly. Understand what is your end objective.

Happy Hunting!

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